You should check Instadeq!

A new product replaced Event Fabric, this page is kept for historical reason

Instadeq: No Code Data Analysis & Visualizations

We bring Business and IoT data to a Screen near You

Integrate and Connect


Consume events as they happen from a growing set of supported sources like Spreadsheets, Databases, Message Queues, Logs, PubNub, Firebase, MQTT, Pusher or Web Sockets.

Extract information from formats like XML, CSV, Plain Text, Excel, Avro or JSON using Event Fabric Connect's mapping facilities.


Connect sources to adapters, filter events, load recent events or react to user actions while inspecting the results with our graphical designer.

Adapt and Explore


Manipulate, aggregate and filter incoming events using a powerful visual language.

Get results quickly by using templates or create your own logic.


Display your data in multiple ways using a great variety of visualizations.

Arrange the visualizations using predefined layouts or by placing and sizing them manually to build it the way you want.

Learn by playing with dashboard templates.

Get instant feedback, see mistakes as they happen, fix and continue.

Display on any Device

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